Andrew Dodds – Sparkie Williams: In his own Words



Event Date 23 April 2013
Flett Lecture Theatre
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road (Exhibition Rd Entrance)
London SW7 5BD

The London Graduate School and the Centre for Arts and Humanities Research at the Natural History Museum London present:

Unruly Creatures 3

This is the third in a series of one-day conferences that analyse and discuss the various ways in which animals have been used in the humanities and contemporary arts, the political and theoretical implications of this use, and the manner in which animals have resisted this appropriation such that they might enter into political discourse. With examples taken from philosophy, history, and the arts, it will also examine whether there is an animal political identity, and even new ways of thinking about revolution that might be called ‘animal’.

Andrew DoddsSparkie Williams: In his own Words


with a response from Dr Petra Lange-Berndt (UCL)


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