Alain Badiou on Beckett – Alberto Toscano & Nina Power

on beckett
alain badiou

alberto toscano & nina power

“This book is a double first – the first complete collection of all Badiou’s work on Beckett, and the first translation of this important material. Badiou presents a Beckett whose work is the work of philosophy itself – a philosophy in the full sense of the word, which works to reduce experience to its essential determinations. Rejecting the stereotype view of Beckett as the dark existentialist of abandoned existence, Badiou focuses rather on what he calls the ‘hidden poem’ in the prosody and themes of Beckett’s work. For Badiou, philosophy expresss itself immanently in culture through the ‘procedures of truth’ manifested in science, art, politics and love.” (Publisher’s blurb)

This book has been out of print for a while and the publishers have gone out of business, so the editors have asked us to make the publication available in  .pdf  (not a very good one, sorry).  You can download this here

download Badiou on Beckett (.pdf)

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