May 2013 Newsletter

As the Easter holidays stretched well into April, our list of offerings is somewhat shorter, but interesting and stimulating as usual. Perhaps a theme which is running through the events we recorded in April is the overall urgency of universities’ wanting and needing to engage with the wider public, disseminate their research and to stress the importance of continued funding for their efforts, as ultimately, they are the innovators.

So let’s start with engineers (for a change): the Engineering Professors’ Council held their 2013 Congress in Plymouth this year, and we recorded most of the conference, which includes a very insightful conversation between Paul Westbury and Kate Bellingham (‘Tomorrow’s World’, remember her?)

 Engineering Professors’ Council Congress 2013 – Engineering in Higher Education: investing for impact

 Also looking at the interface between the academy and industry/business, the London based Culture Capital Exchange (TCCE) held a conference at the Cass business School ‘Research, Creativity & Business 2: Making the Extraordinary’ with many interesting contributions from people in the creative industries.

Research, Creativity & Business 2: Making the Extraordinary

 Also from the TCCE, an opportunity to listen to academics and representatives from funding bodies on how to get those big European research bursaries – not an easy task, but within the realm of the possible:

 European Funding for Research – Opportunities, Case-Studies and Information-sharing

Two from the regular Monday seminars at the Aristotelian Society:

Ian Phillips – Perceiving the Passing of Time

Fabian Freyenhagen – Ethical (Self-)Critique

 and one from the Royal Asiatic Society

Shihan de Silva – African Soldiers, Governors, Nawabs and Cultural Brokers in South Asia

 The series of public lectures from the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) continued with two further events:

Peter Osborne – The Postconceptual Condition: A Report on Art

Catherine Malabou – Whither Materialism? Althusser/Darwin

 and, as mentioned before, the holding page for all the lectures is here:

Ten Public Lectures on Philosophy, Politics and the Arts

    Now in its third year, the London Graduate School’s ‘Unruly Creatures’ conference took place at the Natural History Museum, looking at all things animal and our relationship with them. This year’s speakers included Dr Robert McKay (Sheffield), Andrew Dodds, Dr Jennifer Parker-Starbuck (Roehampton) and Giovanni Aloi (Editor of Antennae). The entire conference can be listened to here:

Unruly Creatures 3

 And now to Birkbeck College, which gave us three contributions in April, starting with Lynne Segal’s powerful analysis of the Thatcher years and their impact on the UK:

Lynne Segal – Thatcher’s Legacy: Thinking Psychosocially, across the Decades

 and from the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research an interesting half-day symposium on a truly contemporary phenomenon – the ‘Living Apart Together’, meaning people in relationships who decide not to cohabit:

Living Apart Together: A Multi-Method Analysis

 And finally, also from the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research, a much anticipated event: over thirty years ago, Sheila Rowbotham, Lynne Segal and Hilary Wainwright bulished their seminal work ‘Beyond the Fragments’ a groundbreaking collection of essays on how to consolidate diverse upsurges of rebellion into effective, open, democratic Left coalitions. Now a new edition of the book has been published, with new and additional material, and to mark this occasion, the authors met again in a very packed conference hall in the Institute of Education to discuss the continued relevance of their publication. You can listen to the evening’s event here:

After, Beyond the Fragments?

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