Research, Creativity & Business 2 – Andy Pratt





Event Date: 30 April 2013

Cass Business School

City University London

106 Bunhill Row

London EC1Y 8TZ

The Culture Capital Exchange presents:

Research, Creativity & Business 2: Making the Extraordinary

Following the success of our inaugural conference on Creativity and Business in 2012, The Culture Capital Exchange is delighted to announce ‘Research, Creativity and Business 2: Making the Extraordinary’ in partnership with Cass Business School and supported by Creativeworks London.

‘Making the Extraordinary’ brings together: leading edge researchers and thinkers, artists, creatives, technology innovators and people ‘to watch’, to share their knowledge, experience and challenges of trying to do just that. Showcasing some of the rich sets of interconnections between research, the creative sectors and the wider business worlds, the conference will ask some timely questions about how – or indeed whether – these fields could work together to realise the full potential of applying their respective intelligence, knowledge and creativity.

Dr Andy Pratt (Professor of Culture, Media and Economy, King’s College London and Research Director Creativeworks London)



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