David Harvey – Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism


Event Dates 25 June 2013

Lecture Theatre E002, Granary Building,
Central Saint Martins,
London N1C 4AA

The Masters in Research in Art Theory and Philosophy course at Central Saint Martins presents:

Professor David Harvey (CUNY) – Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism

In this lecture drawing on his new ‘Seventeen Contradictions and The End of Capitalism’ David Harvey will explore the way capital works, how systemic contradictions are socially and spatially constructed, and ask whether these contradictions and inequalities generate new political and cultural pathways beyond capitalism.

Over the last four decades David Harvey has illuminated a new geographical and cultural understanding of the way capitalism operates. Beyond his extraordinary scholarly contributions however perhaps what is equally remarkable is the public reach of his writing and teaching. David Harvey’s recent online lecture courses and interventions not only reassert the legacy of Marx’s theory, his work inspires something quite new – a spirit of autodidactism, organic learning and a sense that the public realm is a field of education and political optimism.

Prior to David’s talk Louis Moreno of University College London’s Urban Laboratory will consider some of the ways in which David’s body of work provides a fresh starting point for a creative and practical response to a new era of civil unrest and geo-political uncertainty. Following David’s talk there will be a Q&A chaired by Professor Jeremy Till, head of Central Saint Martins

Introduction by Louis Moreno:





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