The Public Life of Private Law: Religion, Self-Government & Private Law


Event Date: 19 September 2013

Keynes College
Canterbury Campus
The University of Kent,
Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NZ

The Kent  Law School presents:
The Public Life of Private Law

An ESRC Seminar Series

Seminar 3: Religion, Self-Government & Private Law

Private law is associated with the possibility of individual and group self regulation. It allows citizens to depart from and supplement public norms. Our focus in this seminar will be on the developing religious use of private law to depart from the norms of state family law. Should we be troubled by ‘privatized diversity’  and the spectre of ‘law without a state’?  Does the emancipatory adage ‘from status to contract’ entirely capture the use of private law by minority groups to defend and sustain territory apart from the state? Does the channeling of religious disputes through private law depoliticize and marginalise them?

Confirmed speakers include: Emmanuel Melissaris, Emmanuel Voyakis, Daniel Monk, Aina Khan and Christine Schwoebel.


Welcome and Introduction by Mairead Enright


Panel 1

Aina Khan  –  Agreements in Islamic Family Law – Perspectives from Practice


Christine SchwoebelTowards a Social Understanding of Private Law in Global Governance Debates


Emmanuel VoyiakisPrivate Law in Public Places



Panel 2

Daniel Monk  – Inheritance Law, Pleasures and Perils


Emmanuel MelissarisFramework Responsibility for Remote Consequences


Mairead Enright Beyond Strategic Agency – Towards a Political Conception of Religious Contracts

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