Bernhard Siegert – Media After Media

Event Date: 9 October 2013

Bolivar Hall
Venezuelan Embassy
54 Grafton Way, London WC1

The London Graduate School presents:

Media After Kittler


Media determine our situation.

F. A. Kittler (1999), Gramophone, Film, Typewriter

Professor Bernhard Siegert (Bauhaus University Weimar) – Media After Media

What was media analysis according to Friedrich Kittler? What have become of the media after they have been ontologically degraded to source code? What then are Media after the Media? And what are the possible futures of Media Studies in the Kittlerian sense beyond the cult of Aphrodite?

Bernhard Siegert is the Professor for Theory and History of Cultural Techniques at the department for Media Studies at the Bauhaus University Weimar, and since 2008 one of the two directors of the International Research Center for Cultural Techniques and Media Philosophy at Weimar. He has been Visiting Professor in Vienna and at the University of California at Santa Barbara (twice). His current research focusses on the cultural history and theory of the ship and the ocean, the genesis of representation, and operative
ontologies. His recent books are: Passage des Digitalen. Zeichenpraktiken der neuzeitlichen Wissenschaften 1500 – 1900 (Berlin: Brinkmann&Bose, 2003); Passagiere und Papiere. Schreibakte auf der Schwelle zwischen Spanien und Amerika (Munich-Zurich: Fink & NZZlibro 2006). A collection of 10 essays on Cultural Techniques is forthcoming from Fordham University Press (The Bronx, New York) (in English). He is also the coeditor of the journal Zeitschrift für Medien- und Kulturforschung and of the year-book Archiv für Mediengeschichte.




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