Gil Anidjar – On the Christian Question (Marx, Nietzsche, Freud)

Event Date: 28 October 2013

Swedenborg Hall
20-21 Bloomsbury Way,
London, WC1A 2TH

The London Graduate School presents:

Professor Gil Anidjar (Columbia University) – On the Christian Question (Marx, Nietzsche, Freud)

Of all the infamous questions Europe has raised for itself, if not for the other, the Christian question has yet to gain adequate notoriety. It is as if age-old hesitations (are Jews a nation or a religion? What does woman want?) and other enduring puzzles (the Eastern question, more recently the Muslim question) had only partly — or distortedly — fulfilled their mirroring function. For who exactly has been doing the asking? Do we know what the Christian want? Is Christianity a religion, a religion just like any other? Did these “masters of suspicion” (in Paul Ricoeur’s phrase)  and their followers answer the Christian question? Did they even ask it?

Introduction by Professor Simon Morgan Wortham (LGS)





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