Mai Wegener – The Humming of Machines. To the End of History and Back

Event Date: 9 October 2013

Bolivar Hall
Venezuelan Embassy
54 Grafton Way, London WC1

The London Graduate School presents:

Media After Kittler


Media determine our situation.

F. A. Kittler (1999), Gramophone, Film, Typewriter

Dr Mai Wegener (Institute of Philosophy, Berlin) – The Humming of Machines. To the End of History and Back

Friedrich Kittler used Lacan’s phrase “The symbolic world is the world of the machine” as the title of one of his essays. Starting from here this lecture questions the relationship of ‘machine’ and ‘subject’ to both Kittler and Lacan, as well as the status of ‘writing’ in Kittler. It will also reveal a certain drive found in his Technical Writings what brings Kittler via Lacan, Hegel and Kojève to a special interpretation (or vision) of the end of history.

Mai Wegener (Dr. phil.) works as a psychoanalyst in Berlin and is co-organiser of the Psychoanalytic Salon Berlin which opened in 1998. She is also an active scholar of Cultural Studies and the History of Science and lectures in Literature at the Technical University of Berlin. She has worked at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin (2009/10), as guest professor in Cologne at the Academy of Media Arts (Summer semester 2008), and for the Centre for Literature and Cultural Research, Berlin (2001-2005). In 2001 she obtained her PhD under the supervision of Friedrich Kittler at Humboldt University, Berlin, writing on Freud and Lacan. Prior to that she undertook a research residency in Paris and studied Psychology and Philosophy at the Free University, Berlin.




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