Sander L Gilman – Cosmopolitanism and the Jews

Event Date: 2 October 2013
The German Historical Institute,
17 Bloomsbury Square,
London WC1A 2NJ

The Leo Baeck Institute London presents:

Prof. Sander L Gilman (Chairman, LBI London, Distinguished Professor of the Liberal Arts and Sciences and Professor of Psychiatry, Emory University) – Cosmopolitanism and the Jews

The newest buzzword for globalization is cosmopolitanism. As with many such reuses of older concepts, cosmopolitanism has a complex history, specifically in the German-speaking lands. It is this history and its relationship to the history of German Jewry from the Enlightenment to the Holocaust that will be examined – in a global and perhaps even cosmopolitan manner.

Introductions by Professor Andreas Gestrich (GHIL) and Professor Peter Pulzer (former president, Leo Baeck Institute)





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