John Wood – Plant Hunting in the 21st century


Event Date: 28 November 2013  Systematics Association Logo
The Linnean Society of London
Burlington House, Piccadilly,
London W1J 0BF


The Systematics Association presents:

Professor John Wood (Oxford) – Plant Hunting in the 21st century

The speaker will illustrate trends in plant hunting using his experience in the field and the herbarium as a means of highlighting changing methods and priorities. During the 20th century the steady fall in the number of botanically unexplored regions of the world combined with a series of developments in both politics and conservation has made traditional botanical exploration increasingly a thing of the past. However the extensive unworked collections in many leading herbaria remain an important source of new species and inter-institutional and international collaboration in both field and herbarium will ensure that we continue to advance towards achieving a complete inventory of the world’s flowering plants.

Introduction by Dr Robert Scotland (President, Systematics Association):






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