Wendy Lower – I Wanted to Prove Myself to the Men: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields


Event Date: 13 January 2014

Windsor Auditorium
Royal Holloway
University of London
Egham, Surrey
TW20 0EX

The 2014 Holocaust Memorial Day Lecture:

Professor Wendy Lower (John K Roth Chair of History, Claremont McKenna College, USA) – “I Wanted to Prove Myself to the Men”: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields

Drawing on wartime documents, postwar trials, private letters, diaries and interviews, this lecture focuses on outstanding cases of women who became direct witnesses, accomplices, and perpetrators of the Holocaust. In the colonial outposts of the Nazi East, German women were an integral part of the society of perpetrators. They enjoyed privileges as members of the new ruling elite, and they possessed extreme power over the lives of Jews and other victims of the Holocaust. Professor Lower will explore what some of these women chose to do with this new-found power during the war and how they distorted the truth in accounts of their criminal behavior after the fall of the Third Reich.

Introduction by Professor Katie Normington (Vice Principal (Staffing) and Dean of Arts & Social Science, RHUL):




Audience Questions:

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