Jessica Moss – Plato’s Appearance/Assent Account of Belief

Event Date: 10 March 2014
Room 22/26
Senate House
University of London
London WC1E 7HU

The Aristotelian Society presents:

Professor Jessica Moss (New York) – Plato’s Appearance/Assent Account of Belief

Jessica Moss is Professor of Philosophy. She received her B.A. from Yale University and her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Princeton University (2004). Her primary area of research is ancient philosophy, especially ethics and psychology. Her article “Akrasia and Perceptual Illusion” was chosen for The Philosopher’s Annual as one of the ten best articles published in philosophy in 2009. Her book Aristotle on the Apparent Good: Perception, Phantasia, Thought, and Desire was published by Oxford University Press in 2012. Moss has previously held positions at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Oxford, and currently at NYU.


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