Luca La Rovere – The ‘New Man’ in Fascist Italy

Event Date: 26 – 27 September 2014
Teesside University Darlington
Vicarage Road

The Centre for Fascist, Anti-Fascist and Post-Fascist Studies at Teeside University presents:

The ‘New Man’ Symposium

Conveners: Jorge Dagnino (de los Andes) & Matthew Feldman (Teesside)

The ‘New Man Symposium’ will examine fascist movements and regimes through the lens of an attempted anthropological revolution. This attempt to create a ‘homo fascistus’ during the fascist epoch is approached via a comparative angle, with presentations by leaders in the field of Fascist Studies. Taking different perspectives and looking at national movements across Europe, as well as in Latin America, it is hoped that this interdisciplinary conference will revive interest in this much neglected topic.

Luca La Rovere (Perugia) – The ‘New Man’ in Fascist Italy

It is only fairly recently that scholars have begun to take seriously the fascist myth of the “new man”, considered for many years simply an expedient for propaganda purposes. Research on the theme has concentrated mainly on the cultural characteristics underpinning the model of the “new Italian”, while less attention was paid to the effort expended by the fascist regime to enter into the true nature of that myth. The training of the new generations represented a crucial area for confirming the relationship between the myth of the new man and the functioning of the totalitarian organizational machine, as well as for evaluating the effects and the legacy of the fascist project for “anthropological revolution”.



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