Arnold Hunt – Reading sermons aloud, 1600-1900


Tuesday 11 November, 2014
The Conference Centre
British Library,
96 Euston Rd,
London NW1 2DB

Newcastle University present:

Voices and Books 1500-1800

Public Workshop 3

Convenor: Dr Arnold Hunt

How did people read aloud in the past? How do we do that now? And why does it matter that we recover and reflect on this experience? At this workshop we will discuss the many different ways in which the experience of listening to books, past and present, can be recorded and analysed, and the archives we might use, from the British Library’s Sound Archive to The Reading Experience Database. We will also hear and talk with the award-winning poet and radio broadcaster, Professor Sean O’Brien, about writing for listeners.


Dr Arnold Hunt (British Library) – Reading sermons aloud, 1600-1900


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