Robert Scotland/Vincent S. Smith – Is e-taxonomy a distraction or a solution?

Event Date: 27 November 2014
The Linnean Society of London
Burlington House, Piccadilly,
London W1J 0BF

The Systematics Association presents:

The 2014 President’s Lecture

Is e-taxonomy a distraction or a solution?

Ten years ago, Robert Scotland & Colleagues wrote an opinion piece contrasting the efforts of taxonomists with the promise of web-based, DNA taxonomy (“The Big Machine and the much-maligned taxonomist“). More than a decade later, what happened? This debate will take the form of a twenty minute intro by Robert Scotland President of the SA and Vince Smith cyber-taxonomist at the NHM who will debate the underlying issues facing taxonomy today and enquire whether the promise of e-taxonomy has been fulfilled?

Robert Scotland is Reader in Systematic Botany Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford, UK

Dr. Vincent S. Smith is Informatics Research Leader,  The Natural History Museum,  London, UK



Dr Vincent Smith:


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