Simon Morgan Wortham – Realism and psychosis

To what extent is post-Kantian thought in pain? In what ways is such ‘pain’ prolonged in philosophies that seek a radical departure from Kant? For instance, in seeking an exit from the subjective representation of objects (for Lyotard, the source of Kant’s ‘pain’)? Does speculative materialism risk a certain lapse into a psychotic state that—as both Lacan and Kristeva suggest—may be arrested only through the onset of phobia?


New Drug Seminars – New Drugs: New Policy Landscapes

Growing concern about new psychoactive substances and other new drugs has led to the development of novel policy responses across the globe.  The seminar will focus specifically on the results of the recent ministerial review into new psychoactive substances policy in the UK. 


Pits and Perverts Revisited: ‘Pride’ the movie and politics now!

Enjoyed and inspired by ‘Pride’ the film? Come and see a short documentary about the real story and hear from two of the key people portrayed in the film. This will be followed by a panel discussion about  its relevance for politics today.  And stay on for drinks….

Michel Rosenfeld – Post-Secular Constitutionalism

Professor Michel Rosenfeld discusses how modern constitutionalism based on the ideals of the Enlightenment favours secularism over religion, relegating the latter for the most part to the private sphere.

Israel and Antisemitism in Britain: Now and in the Future

The summer of 2014 will be remembered by many for the conflict between Israel and Gaza brought so vividly into our homes through daily news reporting.  Its repercussions were also felt in Britain in another way, marked by a dramatic increase in recorded antisemitic incidents. This panel discussion will reflect on the ways in which antisemitism figured in the controversies caused by the conflict. 

Helen Graham – Stories to Get By: Margaret and Rudolf Michaelis

‘I have not spoken for hours, for months, and in fact for years from the sources of my real being […] My strength of recovery comes from that waiting within me […] How else would I have survived the many deaths I have died? (Margaret Michaelis, 1954)
This paper will offer an extract from two of the ‘lives’ featured in the book I’m currently completing, After the wars in Spain: lives salvaged from the dark twentieth century.


Nick Fielding – Thomas and Lucy Atkinson and their travels in Central Asia

This talk, by journalist and author Nick Fielding, will describe the Atkinsons’ foray into present-day Kazakhstan, where they spent almost a year in the most remote outpost of the Russian Empire – and where Lucy gave birth to their only child. He will describe his visit this summer to some of the places described by the Atkinsons and put their journey into the context of nineteenth century great power politics.


Catherine Malabou – Relinquishing the transcendental? Speculative realism in question

Is contemporary continental European philosophy preparing itself to break with Kant? An attack upon supposedly indestructible structures of knowledge is occurring: finitude of the subject, the phenomenal given, a priori synthesis. “Relinquishing the transcendental” is the leading project of postcritical thinking in the early twenty-first century, in particular as it appears in Quentin Meillassoux’s book After Finitude.