Mark Gardner – Contemporary Antisemitism in Britain


Event Date: 23 March 2015
The Wiener Library
29 Russell Square
London WC1B 5DP


The Wiener Library presents:

Mark GardnerContemporary Antisemitism in Britain

Mark Gardner will discuss contemporary antisemitism, including developments from the 1990s to the present day and whether or not it is accurate to state that antisemitism is increasing. This will draw upon much of Mark’s own experience at CST, including the threat of antisemitic terrorism, the actuality of antisemitic race hate attack levels and the development of discourse against Jews and about Jewish issues.
Mark Gardner has worked full time for Community Security Trust (and its predecessor, Community Security Organisation) since 1989. Having been Director of Research, he is now Director of Communications and Deputy Director of Operations: positions he has held since 2005.
As Director of Communications, Mark plays a lead role in co-ordinating UK Jewish media and political responses on CST’s core issues of antisemitism, policing, security and terrorism. He is frequently quoted in Jewish, UK and international media; and speaks regularly at public meetings and conferences on these subjects.
Mark has represented CST and the Jewish community to Government and international bodies on numerous occasions, including the 2006 Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism, and various European Union committees and anti-racism research projects. He was awarded a Metropolitan Police commendation for his advisory role on behalf of all London’s minority communities during the Nazi nail bombing campaign of 1999.
Mark has authored many articles and CST reports on antisemitism, policing, security and terrorism.

Introduction by Professor Philip Spencer (Kingston):




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