Fighting for a Place in Parliament: An evening with Robert Dale

Event Date: 16 November 2015
William Harvey Room
British Medical Association
Tavistock Square
London, WC1H 9JP

The Centre for the Study of British Politics and Public Life presents:

‘Fighting for a Place in Parliament: What is it like to work for an MP?’, an evening with Robert Dale

Thousands of people apply to work in MPs’ parliamentary offices every year. Why? Because they want to operate at the centre of British politics and are drawn by the sense of power, history and importance of the House of Commons. They want hear words they’ve written read out in the chamber, or see them printed on newspaper front pages. Many want to make a difference to society. Some see the role as the first step to becoming an MP themselves, and others as the beginning of a successful career in lobbying or communications. Robert Dale – author of How to Be a Parliamentary Researcher – will explain all.

Robert Dale is the author of ‘How to be a Parliamentary Researcher’

Introduction by Dr Ben Worthy (Birkbeck):


Talk by Robbert Dale with additional comments from Tony Grew (Lobby journalist for the Sunday Times and developer of the Parly app) and Susan McLaren (PhD student Birkbeck):


Audience Questions:


accompanying images:

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