Kingston Shakespeare Seminar – Spring 2016

Event Dates: January – April 2016
Rose Theatre,
24-26 High Street,
Kingston, KT1 1HL


The Kingston Shakespeare Seminar

The Kingston Shakespeare Seminar (KiSS) brings leading Shakespeare scholars to the Rose, which the director Peter Hall created to be a “teaching theatre”. Here Sir Peter directed Dame Judi Dench in a celebrated production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, and Trevor Nunn staged ‘The Wars of the Roses’. But KiSS also commemorates Kingston’s historic connection with Shakespeare, which goes back to David Garrick – who lived here, and built the beautiful Shakespeare Temple beside the Thames – and to the very first royal performances of some of his greatest plays in the Great Hall at Hampton Court.


21 January 2016
Nicholas Royle (Sussex) – Shakespeare’s Foreplay

11 February 2016
Arthur Bradley (Lancaster) – Untimely Ripp’d: Macbeth’s Children

3 March 2016
Simon Ryle (Split) – Bre()ch: Macbeth and the Language of Terror

17 March 2016
Sonja Fielitz (Marburg) – Duke of Dark Corners: Shakespeare and the Catholic Uncanny

7 April 2016
Francois Laroque (Paris III) – These late Eclipses: Shakespeare’s Uncanny Stars

21 April 2016
Rose Theatre Shakespeare Birthday Lecture
Charles Nicholl (Sussex) – Counterfeit Presentment: Portraits of Shakespeare and the messages they send

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