Craig Bennett – What is progress? How are we doing, and where next?

Event Date: 8 February 2016

Windsor Auditorium

Royal Holloway University of London
Egham, Surrey
TW20 0EX

Sustainability Lecture

Craig Bennett (Chief Executive Officer, Friends of the Earth) – What is progress? How are we doing, and where next?

“You can’t stop progress” is the lazy heckle sometimes directed at environmentalists. But what is “progress”? As a species, how are we really doing and where should we be going next?  In this lecture, Craig Bennett will look at the evolution of the concept of “progress”. What does it mean, what should it mean, and what should “progress” really look like this century? Might modern positive environmentalism represent real progress? In which case, who are the real enemies of progress? And critically what role for universities and business schools?

Introduction by Professor Bob O’Keefe (Vice Principal, RHUL):




Vote of Thanks by Professor Jeffrey Unerman (Head of School of Management, RHUL):


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