The State of British Democracy

Event Date: 17 February 2016
Room B35
Birkbeck College Main Building
Malet St
London WC1E 7HX

The Centre for the Study of British Politics and Public Life presents:

The State of British Democracy

A roundtable with Professor Tony Wright, Professor Joni Lovenduski, Dr. Rosie Campbell and Dr Jason Edwards.

British democracy is in a period of rapid change and considerable uncertainty. The rise of the SNP in Scotland has radically changed the electoral map of the UK in ways that we have yet to fully understand. We have an unexpected majority Conservative government, but with a working majority of just 12, and an EU referendum that is likely to split the party. In this context it is a good time to take a step back from the media maelstrom and ask what these changes are likely to mean for British Democracy in the medium to long term. The panel will be made up of Professor Tony Wright (Ex MP and author of the Wright reforms), Professor Joni Lovenduski (expert on gender and democracy and political representation), Dr. Rosie Campbell (expert on British political attitudes and behaviour) and Dr Jason Edwards (democracy theorist).



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