Crusading: A Roundtable

Event Date: 22 March 2016

McCrea 325

Royal Holloway University of London
Surrey TW20 0EX

Royal Holloway University of London Department of History

Departmental Research seminars 2015/2016

Crusading: A Roundtable

The memory and legacy of the Crusades have lingered long after ‘real’ crusades ceased to be a viable proposition for western nations; echoes of the medieval crusades continue to reverberate today not least because of perceptions of their continued relevance to contemporary events. In both Western and Islamic discourses the crusades have played a prominent role – often symbolising Western intervention, colonial oppression, or national destiny – providing a shorthand for Christian holy warfare and a reference point for the ‘clash of the civilizations’ theory of cultural conflict. This forum is designed to set out some of the ideas and issues that this emerging area of academic research (and public interest) can and might encompass. Brief presentations from Jonathan Phillips, Akil Awan and Mike Horswell will be followed by an open discussion.

Talk (order of speakers: Jonathan Phillips, Mike Horswell and Akil Awan):




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