Aylwyn Walsh – Crisis and dis-imagination: spectacle and disposable futures


Event Date: 29 April 2016
Performing Arts Studio 5
The University of Winchester
Sparkford Road,
Winchester SO22 4NR


The Department of Performing Arts at the University of Winchester presents:

Aylwyn Walsh (University of Lincoln) – Crisis and dis-imagination: spectacle and disposable futures

This brief provocation engages with the seduction of violence in the age of spectacle. Drawing on recent work by Henry Giroux and Brad Evans, I propose some critical considerations of the ways global crisis has become synonymous with increased surveillance and policing of bodies. This results in what Giroux terms ‘disimagination’, and it is this crisis of the inability to imagine alternatives, I will argue, that can be challenged in performance. Proto-type Theatre’s most recent production ‘A Machine They’re Secretly Building’ takes on the significant questions of state violence, surveillance and neoliberal erosion of civil liberties.


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