John Perivolaris – Shoreditch Bridge Portraits

Event Date: 19 October 2016

Windsor Building WIN 0-02

Royal Holloway University of London
Egham, Surrey
TW20 0EX

The Humanities and Arts Research Centre at Royal Holloway University of London presents:

Shoreditch Bridge Portraits

HARC Making Space for Art Lecture Series

Dr John Perivolaris in conversation with Dr James Kent
Since 2011, photographer John Perivolaris has been making portraits under the Shoreditch Bridge in London. Perivolaris captures passers-by who are both anonymous and transient, in a fleeting moment as they move between places. This moment of stillness, particularly in the enormity of a city, is absolutely crucial and raises several questions for Perivolaris, including “Where do we find stillness in cities and what does stillness mean in our continuous transit through, or between, public, marginalised, and increasingly corporatised urban spaces?” Then, there’s the bridge itself, heavy in both material and shadow, weighing both literally and metaphorically over the local landscape. These photographs are all about the taking of place.

Excerpt from an interview with Jeffery Saddoris in Faded and Blurred

John Perivolaris has received commissions to work on major photographic projects in the UK and internationally. Often collaborative, his projects use photography, text, and related media to reflect on diasporic states of being. Revealing how places are layered by time, his work is concerned with how the past is regenerated, the existential use of knowledge and memory, and how meaning is formed through migration, travel and our attachment to specific locations.

Introduction by Professor Giuliana Pieri (RHUL); Chair: Cecilie Olsen (RHUL)



Slideshow: http://shoreditchbridgeportraits.weebly.com/

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