February 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to our February 2017 newsletter. Finally, finally we have our new website!  As you can see, a brand-new design, with up-to-date technology and more user-friendly. So no matter whether you are a new visitor or have been using our podcast services for a while, here are the most important changes/improvements:

Design: We have dropped the dark colours and have brightened things up a fair bit. Some of you had mentioned in the past that the contrasts and the small writing were a problem. Should you have any comments about this, please email.

The media player: Our old audio player was flash-based, so there were always issues on macs and mobile devices. Now our players are .html5 players, so they play in any device, anywhere and are much easier to use. Should you have any comments about this, please email.

Feeds: The RSS feed to iTunes and other podcast providers stopped working a while ago, and we could never figure out what the problem was. Well we have, but there are still a few issues about this which we are trying to solve. So for now we have a feed which works on the soundcloud and the RSS, but that still needs updating a little. We hope to have this fixed very soon. Our uploads to soundcloud are continuing, but this will still take some time, as there is so much of it. You can find the soundcloud entries here, and the RSS entries here. Should you have any comments about this, please email.

The Archive: We know that the archive is probably the most important part of our website, and that is why we have spent much time and effort on this. Have a look! As you can see, the latest talks are on top, followed by a general search bar and calendar. In both you can find archive entries by name, event, topic, or in the case of the calendar, by date. Then there are the entries ordered by year (the orange boxes). This is probably the easiest way to look for, and to find things. Below the indices (or indexes, both are correct, so the internet tells me) you can find the tags, with the alphabetical tag list the easiest to use. We know that there is still a lot of work to do on the archive pages, and we also have many exciting plans for it, so please bear with us on this one. Should you have any comments or suggestions, please email.

OK, now for what you might have been missing – our recordings from December 2016 and January 2016, starting with our old stalwarts, the Aristotelian Society:

Hasok Chang – Pragmatist Coherence as the Source of Truth and Reality

Eleanor Knox – Novel Explanation and the Special Sciences: Lessons From Physics

More from our regulars The Royal Asiatic Society:

Jordan Goodman – Pictures, Texts and Plants: Joseph Banks and China, 1780-1820

Arthur Millner – Damascus tiles: some enduring questions

The Leo Baeck Institute, in collaboration with the German Historical Institite London is continuing its lecture series ‘The Legacy of the Left and Israel: 1967-2017’, and we recorded two lectures:

Christina Späti – The German-speaking Left and Israel: Legacies and Developments since 1948

Michel Dreyfus – Two Lefts in France: Divisions over Zionism and Israel

The Bedford Centre for the History of Women at Royal Holloway held its annual lecture and you can listen to it here:

Karen Harvey – Mary Toft’s Monstrous Births of 1726: Then and Now

The ‘Making Space for Art’ series from the Humanities and Arts Research Centre at Royal Holloway continued with this:

Allison Goudie – Home and Away: Exhibiting Australia’s Impressionists in London

One event from the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research:

Dominic Janes – British Caricature and Queer Fashioning 1750-1900

And one from the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities:

Eimear McBride in Conversation with Jacqueline Rose

Finally be have three lectures from the lecture series for 2016/17 from the Centre for Research of Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) at Kingston University:

Andrew Benjamin – On Drawing

Peter Osborne – Crisis as Form

Stella Sandford – The Many Names of Sex

And the whole series of lecture is available here:

Public Lectures on Philosophy, Politics and the Arts

OK, that’s it for now – we are busy correcting and editing mistakes on the new website – should you notice something that isn’t working, or in the wrong place (like images etc) or simply can’t find it, and of course for any booking or inquiries about recording, please email or, if you’re in the UK, phone (01865 240 009).


All the best,


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