Beate Roessler – Privacy as a Human Right

Event Date: 6 March 2017
Room 22/26
Senate House
University of London
London WC1E 7HU

The Aristotelian Society presents:

Professor Beate Roessler (Amsterdam) – Privacy as a Human Right

Beate Roessler is Professor of Ethics and its History at the University of Amsterdam; from 2003 to 2010 she also taught as Socrates-Professor for the Foundations of Humanism at Leiden University. She formerly taught philosophy at the Free University, Berlin, Germany, and at the University of Bremen, Germany. In 2003/4 she was a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study (Wissenschaftskolleg) in Berlin; she is a co-editor of the European Journal of Philosophy. Her publications include The Value of Privacy, Polity Press 2005; Social Dimensions of Privacy: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (ed. with D.Mokrosinska), Cambridge UP 2015; Von Person zu Person. Zur Moralität persönlicher Beziehungen, (ed. with A. Honneth, Frankfurt 2008). Her current research focuses on problems in individual autonomy.

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