March 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to our March 2017 newsletter. As you have probably noticed, the updates and improvements on the new website are continuing, and we are sorting out the snags as and when we find them.

The main issue we have solved since last month is that we have fixed the RSS feed – this is now up-to-date and you can subscribe to the feed by clicking on the RSS symbol on the top right hand corner. The integration into iTunes and other feed providers will follow in time.

At the moment there is no possibility to have automated updates for the Soundcloud feed, so we will have to upload them manually – this we have scheduled for May and June 2017.

Some of you have emailed/commented that they would like to see the ‘upcoming’ and ‘conference/series’ sections reinstalled – we are working on this, and we should have them back soon.

Some of the older entries and conferences have coding errors – please report anything that doesn’t work to us (email). One thing we are aware of is that the .html5 media player when used in the Safari browser will not let you download (streaming works) – this is an issue that Apple have not addressed yet but should be fixed with the next Safari update. It is ironic to think that it was Apple who objected to flash technology the most, and now, that most people have moved from flash to .html5, the Apple browser can’t deal with it.

In the archive we continue to make improvements – all the entries by year have been updated now and we are continuing to add older entries which were previously only accessible through conference pages. Tagging is still ongoing in the archive, and we are adding more tags to make searches easier. Should you have trouble finding something, please get in contact (email). It is as much in our interest as it is in yours to have a well-indexed archive.

Ok, so now on to the events we recorded in the last month, starting with the Royal Asiatic Society:

Stéphane Pradines – The Swahili, a Muslim Culture of the Indian Ocean World: New Evidence from Archaeological Excavations

Arthur Dudney – The Literature of Decline Under the Late Mughals

Richard McClary – Studies the key monuments built for the Rum Seljuq sultans, 1170-1220

Sheila Blair – Monumentalizing the Grave: Muslim-style Mausolea across Mongol Eurasia

There are three entries from the Aristotelian Society:

Lea Ypi – Pragmatist Coherence as the Source of Truth and Reality

Beate Roessler – Privacy as a Human Right

Genia Schönbaumsfeld – Beliefs-in-a-Vat

An interesting contribution from the Royal Holloway Department of History, from their regular departmental seminars:

Andrew Jotischky – Ethnic and Religious Categories in the Treatment of Jews and Muslims in the Crusader States

The ‘Making Space for Art’ series of talks from curators and gallery managers continued with this:

Jannet de Goede – For the Benefit and the Pleasure of the Community

A new exhibition at Birkbeck’s Peltz Gallery was accompanied with a talk on traditional medicine and healing:

Decolonising Witchcraft: Implications for Knowledge and Health

And an inspiring lecture on Giotto from the famous TJ Clark:

T. J. Clark – What Can Art History Say About Giotto?

Now a selection of lectures, all very contemporary and topical, starting with a contribution from the Pears Institute at Birkbeck:

David Feldman – The Meanings of Antisemitism

The David Cesarani Memorial lecture from Royal Holloway:

Michael Rothberg – Inheritance Trouble: Migration and Transcultural Holocaust Memory in Contemporary Germany

Seachlight Magazine, which has been fighting fascism since 1964, has a huge archive, which is based at the University of Northampton. How this archive and its history can be used in an educational context is explored here:

The Searchlight Archives – Archives in the Classroom: Blended Learning Project Launch

A more general look at the cause and effect of current populist politics is explored by the staff of the Department of Politics at Birkbeck:

The Populist Backlash in Western Politics

The French context is explored here:

Richard Wolin – The French Front National and the challenge to Europe’s democracies

And while Russia’s Soviet past might be long gone, the annual Hayes Robinson lecture at Royal Holloway clearly demonstrated that Stalin’s language of distrust and hatred is alive and well in current debates:

Geoffrey Hosking – The triumph of distrust: the Russian revolution and Soviet society

Now on to the lecture series from the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) at Kingston University:

Simon Morgan Wortham – Resistances of the Psycho-Political

Étienne Balibar – The Multiple and Shifting Borders of Europe

And it is with Étienne Balibar we end this newsletter – he gave a Masterclass, consisting of three sessions, at the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, entitled ‘Towards a New Critique of Political Economy’

Session 1: Epistemological Obstacles in Marx

Session 2: Two Strategic Categories: ‘Human Capital’ and ‘Liquidity’

Session 3: From Historical to Absolute Capitalism

As we are looking forward to the summer term, we could really do with more bookings; the revamping of the website has cost a lot of money, and through the various technical hiccups that occurred on the way we are not as busy as we would like to be. Having your lectures/seminars/conferences recorded by us does give you an additional huge world wide audience and certainly gives your institution that much needed ‘Impact’ and ‘Public Engagement’. To make a booking is very easy – just email, or use the contact page.

And for all of you just listening, spread the word, be it through Facebook, Twitter or other social media – we are always happy to have more listeners.

OK, that’s it for now – we are busy correcting and editing mistakes on the new website – should you notice something that isn’t working, or in the wrong place (like images etc) or simply can’t find it, and of course for any booking or inquiries about recording, please email or, if you’re in the UK, phone (01865 240 009).


All the best,


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