Paul Mason – On Divine Chaos of Starry Things

Event Dates: 3-4 April 2017
Woburn Room (G22)
Senate House,
Malet Street,
London WC1E 7HU

Institute of Modern Languages Research presents:

Francospheres of Resistance and Revolution

This conference explores articulations of resistance and revolution in French in new and innovative ways. Radical politics, activism, and the transnational aspects of cultural production relative to them are all investigated while understanding the metropole and its ‘Outre-Mer’ as sites of mobility and exchange. Hitherto under-explored Francospheres highlight French linguistic networks and ows across the globe. From examples of revolution and resistance to research on contemporary uprisings – Nuit debout, the Arab spring, the legacies of Mai 68 and the HIV/AIDS – crisis are all up for discussion. This particular plenary explores the life of women in the aftermath of the Commune and their deportation to New Caledonia. Exploring specifically through the case study of Louise Michel, how such revolutionary moments emancipate and politicise women even though the endgame is one of failure.

PLENARY Louise Michel The Commune and New Caldeonia

Paul Mason – On Divine Chaos of Starry Things

Chair: Dr Claire Launchbury (SAS)







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