November 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to our November 2017 newsletter and the new academic year. It’s been a somewhat quiet period for us here, with very few recordings in the summer months, but hopefully this will pick up now.

We know that the Brexit uncertainty is putting many projects on hold, and we are certainly feeling the effect of it. In response we have decided not to put up our prices (which they really should as everything has gotten more expensive) – so maybe all of you with academic connections, please consider having your research recorded and podcast – there is a world out there waiting eagerly for your latest public lectures and seminar papers. Email

Ok, let’s get on with the podcasts and we’ll begin with the Aristotelian Society, three from them:

Helen Beebee – Philosophical Scepticism

François Recanati – Fictional, Metafictional, Parafictional

John Gardner – Discrimination: The Good, the Bad, and the Wrongful

And two very interesting papers from old stalwarts The Royal Asiatic Society:

Russell Harris – A Journal of Three Months’ Walk in Persia in 1884 by Captain John Compton Pyne

Introducing the New Edition of Ralph Russell’s Anthology of Urdu Literature A Thousand Yearnings

The ‘Gendered Inclusion’ symposia have continued, this time (no 4) from Cranfield University:

Gendered Inclusion in Leadership and Managerial Roles

The Centre for the Study of British Politics and Public Life at Birkbeck held an interesting roundtable discussion on how open the UK is when it comes to accessing information, now and in the light of Brexit negotiations:

How Open is Britain in 2017 and Where Next?

Another fascinating talk from Birkbeck was the family history – and consequent academic research project on the political activism from Aboriginal Australians by John Maynard:

John Maynard – The Political Influence of Garveyism on Aboriginal Australia

Unusual and experimental publishing practices were explored by the Artists’ Writings & Publications Research Centre (AWP) at the University of Leeds:

Document Practices

And staying with the unusual and experimental, Anna Munster’s talk on Art and Artificial Intelligence (AI) took place at Royal Holloway’s central London base in Bedford Square:

Anna Munster – Deep Aesthetics

Also from Royal Holloway, this time at the Freud Museum in London, a book launch of a collection of essays on motherhood:

Motherhood in Literature and Culture

And continuing the theme of psychoanalysis and motherhood, Jessica Benjamin, among others, spoke very eloquently on her new publication ‘Beyond Doer and Done To (2017)’:

Jessica Benjamin, Beyond Doer and Done To (2017) – Public Panel Discussion

Moving on to History now – the Department of History at Royal Holloway has a new HoD, and her first outing for us was:

Kate Cooper – Constantine’s Dream: Faith, Victory and the search for Roman Unity

Royal Holloway’s contribution to Black History Month came from the well-known public historian David Olusoga:

David Olusoga – 2000 Years of Black History

And the Birkbeck Gender and Sexuality research group (BiGS) hosted an evening of decadence (!):

Alison Moore – Morbid Love in Late Nineteenth-Century France: Between Decadence and Degeneration

OK, now to our regulars at Kingston, namely the Centre for Resaerch in Modern European Philosophy. Their regular seminar series continued with:

Cristina Chimisso – Normal: Georges Canguilhem on the Medical and the Individual

Then the long-awaited conference on Marx’s ‘Kapital’, which celebrated 150 years of this colossal publication, entitled ‘Capitalism: Concept & Idea’. This event, held over a weekend, included speakers (among others) Peter Osborne, Elena Louisa Lange, Anselm Jappe, Sara Farris, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Éric Alliez, Leigh Claire La Berge and Antonio Negri (although he was unwell, but we do have his paper for download):

Capitalism: Concept & Idea

And finally, oiling the wheels of the Zizek Industry, two Masterclasses and one public debate:

Slavoj Žižek – Transcendental Subjectivity, Sexual Difference, Brain Sciences – Masterclass 1

Slavoj Žižek – Transcendental Subjectivity, Sexual Difference, Brain Sciences – Masterclass 2

Re-Reading the Revolution: Jean-Claude Milner in Conversation with Slavoj Žižek

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