March 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the March newsletter. The last four weeks have been difficult, mainly because of weather conditions in the UK (a lot of snow and ice), causing many of our bookings to be cancelled or postponed. In addition, there is the ongoing strike at universities, which we fully support (Support the UCU!), but as a result of the industrial action, a good number of events have been cancelled or postponed.


So fewer recordings than usual but no less interesting and inspiring. We start with our regulars, the Aristotelian Society, two from them:

Sarah Moss – Moral Encroachment

Alex Voorhoeve – Epicurus on Pleasure, the Complete Life, and Death: A Partial Defence

The Royal Asiatic Society has had three events recorded, and they are:

Mercedes Volait – The Domestic Collecting of Islamic Artefacts in 19th Century Cairo: The Meymar Objects at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Annabel Gallop – The Great Seal of Aceh

Amy Matthewson – Mr Punch and Chinamania: Blue Willow China and Consumer Consumption in ‘Punch’ Magazine, 1874-1880

The Physics outreach team at Royal Holloway organised another one of their mind-boggling ‘Taster’ lectures for potential Physics students:

Vladimir Antonov – Terahertz radiation: from Big Bang to nanotechnology

Also from Royal Holloway, this time from the History department, comes a contribution to their departmental research seminars by one of the latest members of staff:

Amy Tooth Murphy – The Continuous Thread of Revelation: Queer Theory’s Challenge to Oral History

and Royal Holloway’s History department also held their annual Hayes Robinson lecture – and a fascinating one it is indeed:

Philippa Levine – The Empire has no Clothes: Nudity and the Imperial Imagination

The Leo Baeck Institute’s lecture series on family history continued at the German Historical Institute in London:

Thomas Harding – “You’re doing what?” – My family’s response to my trying to save the house stolen by the Nazis

The Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) in Kingston contributed with a critical examination of Western individualism:

Michaela Ott – Dividuations: Theories of participation

News, current affairs and truth were the themes in a staff workshop at the Politics department at Birkbeck, University of London:

Fake News and Alternative Facts

And the very same Politics department had the honour of having the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow MP, as their guest, speaking about Parliamentary Reform:

John Bercow – Parliament as Pathfinder: Changing the culture of an ancient institution

Finally, a much under-researched and not often mentioned historical genocide examined at an event organised by Royal Holloway’s Holocaust Research Institute:

Benjamin Madley – An American Genocide: The United States and the California Indian Catastrophe, 1846-1873


Ok, that’s all for now – if any of your events were cancelled or postponed because of the weather or the strike, please remember to re-book them in good time (please don’t leave it to the last minute) and should you want to get in contact, please email.

Remember, you can follow us on twitter, Facebook and mixcloud.

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