Joe Walding – Diary of a WIMPy Kid: Using Light to Search the Dark

Event Date: 9 October 2018
Windsor Auditorium
Royal Holloway
University of London
Egham, Surrey
TW20 0EX

The Department of Physics at Royal Holloway University of London presents:

Dr. Joe Walding (RHUL) – Diary of a WIMPy Kid: Using Light to Search the Dark

A global hunt for the universe’s missing matter is underway, and this autumn everyone is invited to join in. In October 2018 events around the world will celebrate the hunt for the universe’s unseen dark matter.
To celebrate the Dark Matter Day 2018 Royal Holloway organised an evening lecture from Dr. Joe Walding.
The Universe is over thirteen billion years old and consists of hundreds of billions of galaxies each containing hundreds of billions of stars. Over the past 2000 years our understanding of the Universe has greatly improved: from having the Earth at its centre to having no centre at all! However, in the last 80 years it has become apparent that we understand less than 5% of the Universe – the other 95% being made up of the mysterious dark matter and dark energy.
In this lecture, Dr. Walding will discuss the evolution of our Universe model and why we believe dark matter exists. He’ll then ask for the audience’s contribution to design an experiment to search for weakly interacting dark matter (WIMPs) using light!

Introduction by Professor Stewart Boogert (RHUL):


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