February 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to February 2019 newsletter. Happy New year to you all and I hope you have had a restful holiday period. Well, we have been busy ever since the New Year began and despite the doom and gloom all around us, we have great talks and debates for you here.

So let’s begin with the talks and lectures we recorded so far this year, beginning with our regulars, the Royal Asiatic Society:


Cailah Jackson – The Arts of the Book in a Time of Conflict: Manuscripts of Late Medieval Konya

Another regular on our pages is the Outreach Team at the Department of Physics at Royal Holloway, who offered this lecture for potential students of Physics:

James Nicholls – The secret life of electrons in lower dimensions

Following on from the success of their last event, the ‘Decolonising the Curriculum’ working group arranged for another one of its exciting meetings – you can listen to it here:

Decolonising the curriculum: what’s all the fuss about?

The Aristotelian Society contributed with two seminars:

Keith Allen – Should We Believe Philosophical Claims on Testimony?

Amia Srinivasan – On Genealogy

The Leo Baeck Institute, in conjunction with the German Historical Institute, continued its lecture series ‘Seeing Jews in Art: Networks, Fantasies and Dreams’ with an interesting lecture on Jewish museums:

Cilly Kugelmann – Jewish Museums between Self-Assertion and Self-Defence

Sometimes just audio technology doesn’t seem enough, and we were certainly overwhelmed by the technology and technical detail that went into the The Venice Time Machine Project. Listen to to two people who work on it, as well as a short film about this amazing venture, in an event at the Warburg Institute:

The Venice Time Machine Project: Digitising Heritage in Time and Space

More film talk, this time with Laura Mulvey and Jacqueline Rose, about Marilyn Monroe’s 1953 film ‘Niagra’:

Marilyn Monroe: a reappraisal

The Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP), in association with the Institute for Modern and Contemporary Culture (IMCC) started a new series of Public Lectures on Philosophy, Politics and Culture (a page with all of them can be foundhere), and we have the first two:

Catherine Malabou – Is Science the Subject of Philosophy? Miller, Badiou and Derrida

Lucy Bond & Howard Caygill – Is Memory the Basis of History (After Trump)?

27 January marked Holocaust Memorial Day, and we have two very distinctive and sombre lectures on this topic. The first one by the novellist Rachel Seiffert on the German post-Holocaust experience:

Rachel Seiffert – Lest we forget

And secondly, a lecture from Sir Richard Evans on the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, a well known forgery of a ridiculous conspiracy theory, which, despite its insane claims, still remains popular with Anti-Semites and racists. Listen to Sir Richard as he explains and debunks this strange text:

Richard Evans – ‘Warrant for Genocide’? Hitler, the Holocaust and the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’

Ok, that’s all from us for now – plenty more to come in the next few weeks. We live in worrying times, but in hope that the efforts of serious research and evidence will enlighten.

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