May 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to our May newsletter. As the Easter holidays were rather late this year, our list of what we recorded last month is somewhat shorter, but no less interesting.

We start with our regulars, the Royal Asiatic Society:

Philip Davies – Lost Warriors- Seagrim and Pagani of Burma – The Last Great Untold Story of WWII

Rayna Denison – The Hidden History of Studio Ghibli: Short Films, Advertising and the Industrial Reality of Japanese Animation

Simon Wolfgang Fuchs – When Tehran was the Brightest Star: A Global History of the 1979 Iranian Revolution

and the Aristotelian Society:

Cheshire Calhoun – Responsibilities and Taking On Responsibility

The Annual Birkbeck Law lecture, from the Birkbeck School of Law, was given this year by one of the founders of the Law School, Professor Peter Goodrich. Although he spends his time now teaching at the Caldoza Law School in New York, Professor Goodrich unusual and highly imaginative approach to legal matters is at the core of Birkbeck’s ‘Critical Legal Studies’. Listen to the lecture here:

Peter Goodrich – Retinal Justice: Rats, Maps, and Masks

And finally, the two master classes many have been waiting for: Slavoj Zizek’s accompanying lectures to his latest book ‘Like a Thief in Broad Daylight (Allen 2019). Fresh from the ‘Debate of the Century’ in Toronto (review here), it was good to hear Zizek on form again:

Slavoj Zizek – Disorder Under Heaven: Was Antigone a man? Masculinity and other toxic entities

Slavoj Zizek – Disorder Under Heaven: Nomadic proletarians? No, thanks!


I’m afraid that’s all for the last month’s recordings – however many more coming up in the next few weeks. Should you have any questions, bookings or inquiries, please email.

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