Reading bad men

Event Date: 21 May 2018
43 Gordon Sq
Birkbeck School of Arts
Birkbeck University of London
London WC1H 0PD

Birkbeck School of Arts presents:

Reading bad men

Should we read, and should we teach, the works of so-called ‘bad men?’ Rebecca Solnit has written that we should be reluctant to read Norman Mailer and William Burroughs, because ‘there are so many writers we can read who didn’t stab or shoot their wives.’ What do we do about literary and artistic figures whose behaviour has been shown to be discriminatory, miosgynistic, and/or illegal? How do we approach syllabus-designing, and teaching itself? In this event we will probe whether it makes sense to separate the art from the artist, and what obligations we have in a university – to the literary and intellectual landscape we have inherited, and to our students. Speakers include Caspar Salmon, Jodie Kim and Katherine Angel (Birkbeck).



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