Georg Plattner – Frame Appeasement by Governing Parties in the Face of Radical Right Frame Contestation




Event Date: 15 – 17 May 2019
Richmond University – The American University in London
Queen’s Rd,
Richmond TW10 6JP

The Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right in partnership with Richmond, the American University in London presents:

A Century of Radical Right Extremism: New Approaches

Georg Plattner (Vienna) – Frame Appeasement by Governing Parties in the Face of Populist Radical Right Frame Contestation

Over the past decade, PRRPs have become the main opposition force in a multitude of European countries, and consequently also competitors for issue ownership in several policy areas. This paper attempts to shed some light on the question what effect PRRP frames have on the frames proposed by parties in government on publicly problematized policy issues. Framing theory and related concepts is an underused concept that can help greatly our understanding of not only the PRR as an actor in party competition, but also to the effect of challenging PRRPs on other parties. Using the two cases of Germany and Austria (one conservative-­‐led grand coalition government, one social democratic-­‐led grand-­‐ coalition government and strong PRRP opposition in both countries) the paper analyses how parties in government react to strong contesting frames by PRRPs after the status quo of policy-­‐making has been put into question by outside events. The analysis includes a number of (at the time) highly salient issues that are considered to be positioned at the (near) policy core of PRRPs, including, among others, immigration, European Integration or law and order. These issues are widely regarded as areas where PRRPs compete for issue ownership. The method to investigate the initial frames, the competing PRRP frames and the reaction by governing parties to the frame contestation is qualitative content analysis. The paper presents the project design and introduces the original concept of ‘frame appeasement’, gives a first insight into the process of content analysis and shows preliminary results.



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