June 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to our June newsletter. It certainly has been a very busy time for us, with many talks and conferences, so let’s get straight into the recordings. Our regulars The Aristotelian Society contributed with their three last talks of the academic year:



Christian List – What’s Wrong with the Consequence Argument: A Compatibilist Libertarian Response


Thomas Sattig – The Flow of Time in Experience


Kathleen Stock – What is Sexual Orientation?

The Royal Asiatic Society had two of their events recorded:

Cheryl Porter – Painting Manuscripts with Metals and Insects: Grind or flatten, catch and cook


Edward Weech – Systems of Religion and Morality in the Collections of the Royal Asiatic Society

The annual Social Science, History and Philosophy lecture at Birkbeck was given by Professor Brigitte Marin from the University of Aix-Marseilles on early policing on Naples – surprising arrangements of local law enforcement in rapidly changing times:

Brigitte Marin – Urban government, the police and citizen participation in eighteenth-century Naples: a comparative perspective

The series of lectures on Jews, Money, Myth, a collaboration between the Pears Institute for the study of Anti-Semitism and the Jewish Museum London, continued with this fascinating talk:

Adam Teller – From Amsterdam to Istanbul: Fundraising and Jewish Refugee Relief in the Seventeenth Century

Now we have two from the Warburg Institute – and that means Art History – first a light-hearted look at marginalia, doodles and sketches in art historian’s notes:

Jérémie Koering – Sketching Art History: Art Historians’ Drawings as Epistemic Tool

and the other marking the beginning of a new series of talks on Cosimo I de Medici, one of the key figures of the Italian Renaissance:

Cosimo I de’Medici and Granducal Florence – Alessio Assonitis and Stefano Dall’Aglio

Now on to the Birkbeck Law School, or to be more precise, the Birkbeck Centre for Law and the Humanities: a book launch of Saidiya Hartman’s ‘Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments: Intimate Histories of Social Upheaval’, with readings from the book and conversation with Saidya Hartman:

Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments: In Conversation with Saidiya Hartman

The post-graduate conference at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) had an inspiring keynote lecture from the University of Amsterdam:

Olga Lucia Lizzini – Intellect, imagination and the role of philosophy: exploring the interpretation of religion in classical Arabic philosophy

And now on to Birkbeck Arts Week – this is a week-long series of events at the School of Arts at Birkbeck. This year we recorded eleven talks, ranging from architecture to Zola. You can find all of them here:

Birkbeck Arts Week 2019

And now on to conferences: The Mobile Museum network held a conference at the Botanic Gardens in Kew – the problems of moving collections around the globe were expertly presented and discussed.

Collections in Circulation Conference

Finally, an extremely important and topical conference: The Centre for the Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR) held its inaugural conference at the American University in Richmond (London), looking at a century of radical right politics and history, with quite an emphasis on what is going on now. 30 hours of papers, discussions and lectures on the threats the far right has represented in the past, and represents now. Absolutely essential listening:

A Century of Radical Right Extremism: New Approaches

OK, that’s all for now, should you have any questions, or want to book a recording, please get in contact.

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