The Future of Backdoor Broadcasting Company Ltd.

The Future of Backdoor Broadcasting Company Ltd.

Dear Listeners and Contributors

This has certainly been a very difficult 18 months. Apart from the pandemic and all its consequences, there has also been Brexit and a continuing re-organisation of the HE sector in the UK, all of which has not been good news for us.

Apart from the above, my health has not been the best, and, as I am approaching retirement age, I have started to wonder what to do with Backdoor Broadcasting in the future.  My main concern is the archive. We have built up the archive now for over 12 years and it is quite sizable with many fascinating talks and discussions, and I don’t want to lose it. So what I have done is started placing it into the Internet Archive ( ) and most of it is copied to there (at the moment up to 2018). It still needs tidying up and adding the rest, but that’s where a copy of the archive lives.

Of course it would be great if someone could take it over, but I think that might be difficult in the present climate. But should anyone have any bright ideas (and some money), please email me, I am open to suggestions.


Keep safe and well


René Wolf

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