Sloane's Treasures: Sloane’s Artificial Rarities

… … … Event Date: 31 May 2012 Hartwell Room The British Museum Great Russell Street London WC1B 3DG Sloane’s Treasures – Workshop 2: Sloane’s ‘Artificial Rareties’ Sir Hans Sloane

Sloane’s Treasures: Understanding Sloane’s Natural Objects

…the Natural History Museum. —————————— Sloane’s Treasures Workshop 1: Understanding Sloane’s Natural Objects Julie Harvey (Head of Centre for Arts and Humanities Research (CAHR), Natural History Museum) – Welcome, Introduction…

Sloane’s Treasures: Texts and Transcription

Sloane’s manuscripts from Arnold Hunt, BL Curator of Historical Manuscripts —————————— Presentation on Sloane’s printed books from Alison Walker, BL Director of Sloane Printed Books Project —————————— Presentation on Sloane’s

Alan Hart – Modern science and Sloane's 'minerals'

      Event Date: 17 April 2012 Dorothea Bate Seminar Room Natural History Museum London SW7 5BD Sloane’s Treasures ——————————————- Alan Hart (Head of Collections, Department of Mineralogy, NHM)…

Seth Yalcin – Bayesian Expressivism

Event Date: 9 January 2012 Senate House University of London London WC1E 7HU   The Aristotelian Society presents: Seth Yalcin (Berkeley) – Bayesian Expressivism There is a tension between…