Welcome to the website of the Backdoor Broadcasting Company.  We are a mobile audio webcasting service, which concentrates on recording academic research.  We are hired by universities, learned societies and research institutes to record their research as presented at conferences, symposia, workshops, public lectures and seminars and to disseminate it to a ready-made world-wide audience.

Once we have the recording, it is edited to the required specification and the sound is enhanced.  Then each recording will be presented on its own individual webpage, with additional information, such as abstract and/or publications.  Every page can be linked or embedded to other pages and all carry social network buttons, some are available on soundcloud, and you can subscribe via the RSS feed or use the podcast providers like mixcloud or iTunes,

The website here serves as the archive, which can be searched by name, date, event and keywords (tags). All recordings are free to the listener and are covered by a Creative Commons licence, which means you are free to download them and to pass them on. All legal aspects of recording and dissemination can be found here.

Should you want an event recorded, please email us. We are based in the UK, in Oxford, and currently only operate within the UK, but can be persuaded otherwise.

We also design and host websites (latest examples here and here) for research projects and institutes, as well as offering a number of other services related to the dissemination of academic research; please email or phone. You can read what our clients have to say about us here.

A good place to start is our news page, which is also our latest newsletter (sign up for it here). And remember, if you want to be kept updated of our archive entries as they occur, just ‘like’ us in the facebook way, by clicking on the FB button below…

So, start listening, the archive is right here.


The people involved in the Backdoor Broadcasting Company are:

René Wolf

Company director and proprietor

Company director and proprietor, who set up the Backdoor Broadcasting Company in May 2008. He is a radio historian and taught Modern European History at Royal Holloway University of London (publications). Prior to his academic endeavours René ran a Jazz club in London. (email)

    Fausto Caceres


    Website and sound design.  Fausto is a sound designer from San Francisco, presently residing in the PR of China. Involved in innumerable projects, from soundtracks to ethnomusicology, he is known to many as the mild-mannered overlord of Shirley & Spinoza Radio.

      Tobi Mannouris

      Technical director

      Technical director. Tobi is an IT specialist with network and systems expertise, and of all technical wizardry, as well as being a musician.


      The Backdoor Broadcasting Company is a webcasting service, and will therefore charge the organisers, not the listeners. The prices below include recording, editing, sound-enhancing, images and document downloads and of course a permanent place in our archive.

      Other charges are likely to be travel, lodging (if overnight stays are necessary), additional editing, transfer to other formats, additional webspace/design, and advertising. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

      Recording and hosting fees from 1 September 2018

      BAND A Single events


      Per Recorded Min

      a minimum of 90 minutes at £1.60 per recorded minute, plus travel.

      This works out at £135, plus travel, for recording and hosting an event up to 90 minutes (with any additional minutes charged at £1.50 per minute).

      Billing after recording has been posted.


      BAND B Conferences and symposia:


      Per Recorded Min


      a minimum of 360 minutes at £1.40 per recorded minute, plus travel for a one-day conference.

      This works out at £504 per event, plus travel, for recording and hosting an event up to 360 minutes (with any additional minutes charged at £1.40 per minute).

      2-3 day conferences, or conferences with multiple parallel panels, totaling 720 minutes or more, are charged at £1.30 per recorded minute, plus travel.

      Part paid in advance or as arranged.