Ming Wilson – Dressed to Rule: The Chinese Emperor's Wardrobe

Event Date; 12 January 2012 
 Royal Asiatic Society 
Stephenson Way 
London NW1 2HD   Ming Wilson (Senior Curator, Victoria and Albert Museum) Dressed to Rule: The Chinese Emperor’s Wardrobe ——————————————- talk: ——————————————- questions:   ——————————————-   share this entry:

Seth Yalcin – Bayesian Expressivism

Event Date: 9 January 2012 Senate House University of London London WC1E 7HU   The Aristotelian Society presents: Seth Yalcin (Berkeley) – Bayesian Expressivism There is a tension between the broadly decision-theoretic view of agents and the received picture of linguistic communication. The received view takes the transmission of nongraded, ‘binary’ belief as the paradigm. What one generally ‘puts into …


Teaching History in Deep Time

29 April 2009 – Teaching History in Deep Time – Two historians – Professor Peregrine Horden and Professor Penelope Corfield – and one geographer – Professor Clive Gamble – explore the relationship between ‘time’ and ‘History’ and how the study of History over long periods of time, or ‘Deep History’, can further an understanding the past. While present research clearly points to a shift in periodisation and classification, teaching History in ‘Deep Time’ is clearly something that has not yet entered the syllabus of undergraduate teaching. The discussion here proposes some practical models.