Rethinking Children / Childhood in the 21st Century – Children/Childhood in China

Rethinking Children/Childhood in the 21st Century Children / Childhood in China Date: 5th February 2010 ——————————————- David Pomfret, (Department of History, University of Hong Kong) ‘ Children of Empire’: Childhood in British and French Colonial Cultures accompanying images: ——————————————————————- Valentina Boretti, (Postdoctoral Fellow, SOAS) From new citizen to revolutionary successor: Playthings and the ideal child in Republican and Communist China …


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4th & 5th February 2010 – 2 day conference. Speakers include: Sander Gilman, Jack Zipes, Michael Rosen, Barbara Bennet Woodhouse, Daniel Monk, Jessamy Harvey, Erica Davies, Lars Tharp, Leigh-Anne Stradeski, Rhian Harris, David Pomfret, Valentina Boretti, Zhou Xun, Marjorie Lorch, Ofra Koffman, Karen Wells