Ron Hagell – Rose-Marie: A Hollywood Operetta

25 March 2009 – (HARC) – In 1936 the screen sweethearts Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy performed ‘The Indian Love Call’ in this example of Hollywood’s saccharine representation of ‘the other’ as dangerous and untrustworthy. Living outside government authority and the mainstream Anglo-Canadian population, characterized by darker skin and thick accents, the indigenous Metis are perfect targets for the treatment that ostracized other Native Americans, the Vietnamese and the Iraqis.

Daniela Berghahn – Citizens of Two Worlds: Hybrid Identity Formation in Diasporic Coming-of-Age Films

17 March 2009 – (HARC) – Coming-of-age films, a loosely defined sub-genre of the youth film, centre on the transition from childhood to adolescence or from adolescence to adulthood. This transition usually occurs as a result of a formative experience (first love, separation, death) or a rite-of-passage (test of courage, graduation) and normally results in a fundamental choice the protagonist has to make. In this paper Dr Daniela Berghahn argues that coming-of-age narratives occupy a central position in the work of diasporic filmmakers…


Stephen Frears – ‘In Conversation’

3 December 2008 – (HARC) – speaker: film director, Stephen Frears – Stephen Frears, one of the UK’s most eminent film directors, talks to Professor John Ellis and Professor Mandy Merck about his work in film and television.