Patrick Pollard – Classical Improprieties in Modern France: Before and After Freud: Le Roi Candaule and Oedipe by Andre Gide

18 March 2009 – (HARC) – Patrick Pollard, BA, PhD (Lond), is Emeritus Professor of French at Birkbeck College, University of London. His research interests lie in the history of ideas (with an emphasis on 19-20th c. France), the history of literature (with publications on Gide, Stendhal, Zola, and the reception of Wilde and Robert Browning in France) and the history of sexuality (homosexuality; has published on Gide, Magnus Hirschfeld, and researches on gay novels published in France in the 3rd Republic (i.e. 1871-1914) and Jean Genet). He also conducts research on the classical tradition in France (i.e. the history of translation from Greek and Latin authors into French; the modern reuse of ancient myths; gender and sexuality in the ancient world and its relationship to modern discourse in this area).

Fiona MacIntosh – Aeschylus and the Enlightenment

18 February 2009 – (HARC) – speaker: Dr. Fiona MacIntosh – The often overlooked first complete translation of Aeschylus’ plays into French by Le Franc de Pompignan (1770) lies at the centre of Dr. Macintosh’s investigation into the reception of the Oresteia in pre- and post-revolutionary France.

Catherine Volpihac-Auger – Was Plato a Christian?

5 November 2008 – (HARC) – speaker: Professor Catherine Volpihac-Auger – Plato’s monotheism was much discussed in 17th and 18th century France and this forms the basis of Professor Volpihac-Auger’s comparative analysis of Plato and Socrates during the Enlightenment.