Talking Books: Novel History

6 June 2009 – As historical fiction enjoys a huge commercial renaissance, this debate will explore how far the changes in the last forty years of historiography means that novelists willing to spend real time in the archives and libraries are now producing a new kind of historical fiction, more accurate and thus more truthful about the past, than the work of their predecessors.

Peter Linebaugh – The Magna Carta Manifesto

3 March 2009 – Prof. Peter Linebaugh examines the current state of liberty and shows how longstanding restraints against tyranny—and the rights of habeas corpus, trial by jury, and due process of law, and the prohibition of torture—are being abridged.

Nelida Fuccaro – Middle Eastern Urban Frontiers, Migrants and States

17 February 2009 – Dr. Nelida Fuccaro traces the development of the urban settlements of Bahrain and Kuwait and their (predominantly Iranian) migrant communities, as well as the rapid economic change from pearl fishing and merchants to the modern petroleum industry.