Brian Dillon – Hypochondriac Lives

27 January 2010 – In this talk Brian Dillon traces the development of hypochondria from an organic illness to a style of life, with reference to certain key figures in the annals of debility:


Walter Benjamin & Bertolt Brecht: Story of a Friendship?

6 November 2009 – This conference celebrates the publication of Erdmut Wizisla’s formidable study ‘Walter Benjamin and Bertolt Brecht: The Story of a Friendship’ and explores the ways in which Wizisla’s study augments, challenges or re-constellates previous analyses. speakers: Erdmut Wizisla, Peter Thompson, Barabara Engh, Tony Phelan, Esther Leslie, Chryssoula Kambas


Talking Books: Novel History

6 June 2009 – As historical fiction enjoys a huge commercial renaissance, this debate will explore how far the changes in the last forty years of historiography means that novelists willing to spend real time in the archives and libraries are now producing a new kind of historical fiction, more accurate and thus more truthful about the past, than the work of their predecessors.

Sue Vice – False Testimony

17 March 2009 – Royal Holloway Holocaust Research Centre Annual Lecture – In this talk, Professor Sue Vice will explore the phenomenon of false Holocaust testimony