Clare Chambers – The Marriage-Free State

Event Date: 7 January 2013 Room 22/26 Senate House University of London London WC1E 7HU The Aristotelian Society presents: Dr Clare Chambers (Cambridge) – The Marriage-Free State Clare Chambers is University Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Fellow of Jesus College, University of Cambridge. Her field is political philosophy, particularly feminist and liberal theories of justice, equality, autonomy, culture, family and the …

Frances Bartkowski – In Praise of Mixing

25 February 2009 – (HARC) – Professor Fran Bartkowski takes up the questions surrounding contemporary ideas of kinship. How in times of constantly expanding knowledge from the biological sciences, neurosciences, and genetics do we continue to determine in our daily lives those whom we invest with intimacy? Who counts as our kin? What are the forms of care to which we commit ourselves? What about our relations with our pets, or companion animals, as some suggest we call them?