Robin Osborne – Turning Art into History: the case of classical Athens

Athenian painted pottery offers many scenes that relate to daily life, but what sort of a history do they enable us to write? By focusing on the ways in which the scenes of aspects of daily life change over time, Professor Robin Osborn argues that we can see something of the complex ways in which aesthetics and politics interact in a society.

Anthony Kenny – On Translating Aristotle’s Ethics

Event Date: 11 February 2014 Windsor Auditorium Royal Holloway University of London Egham, Surrey TW20 0EX The Department of Classics at Royal Holloway University of London presents: Dabis Lecture Professor Sir Anthony Kenny (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Oxford) – On Translating Aristotle’s Ethics Aristotle’s Greek word kalon can mean beautiful and also morally noble. Does that mean that …